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Gold Coast Baptist Association
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Simi Valley, CA 93062
PHONE: (805) 306-1107
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The Gold Coast Baptist Association is a God-directed catalyst for spiritual renewal and awakening, a model for a church planting movement on the West Coast, a school for developing missionary leaders, and a consulting service for intentional ministry.

As a result, by 2020 A.D., we envision four significant changes in our future.

    1.    Each church will be effectively pursuing its future as God intended.

    2.    Each Gold Coast resident will have access to at least one life-giving church who that person views relevant.

    3.    Our Gold Coast cities will be transformed into communities that honor Christ, embrace Christian values and lifestyles, and look to the church for leadership in paving the way to a still better future.

    4.    The Gold Coast will develop and deploy new leaders from among our youth who become effective in advancing kingdom causes around the world.

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